Michele del Campo
DOS METROS - Exposición online
30 April - 10 May
The exhibition


Right now it is the recommended distance for all our interpersonal actions, it is the so-called social distance. We remember hugs, kisses and being able to touch each other. Everything will come back.


Meanwhile, we want to remember these paintings by the artist Michele del Campo (Sannicandro Garganico, Foggia, 1976), his characters do not maintain physical distance, but, perhaps by way of premonition, they maintain an emotional distance.


Under the name of "daydreamers" it represents a young idle and at the same time melancholic. The characters appear distant and immersed in an unrealized inner world, they are caught between fantasy and reality, they are engrossed, oblivious to their environment. Through this youthful dissatisfaction Michele del Campo is able to capture the essence of a whole generation.


His canvases talk about the complexity of the individual's feelings and the difficulty in relationships, but also about the desire to communicate. They are "close strangers" longing, deep down, to be able to interact.

He paints from life, but photography is also present in his creative process. His works are careful mixtures of various photographs and sketches where he combines models, objects and spaces in different times and places, universalizing the throbbing of the urban. He often paints in large formats, with the freshness and sensuality of a very personal brushstroke and light as one more protagonist in his compositions. It turns the viewer of his works into a Baudelerian witness to the action, whose readings he multiplies by imagining everything that falls outside the frame.



15 October - 21 November
21 March - 27 April

Calle de Alcalá, 52. 28014 MADRID · Opening times: 10-14 y 16.30-20.