Michele del Campo
15 October - 21 November
The exhibition

Nomad Souls

I recently bought a t-shirt. I don't usually buy many things, but this one had a nomadic man on a bicycle drawn, with beer bottles, mugs, a surfboard, a skateboard, a sleeping bag and a puppy. Somehow I saw myself reflected in it. This particular shirt has a special connection between my past and my present. When I saw its, all the memories came to mind that somehow led me to this exact point in my life.



Right now I am looking for a home-studio in Madrid, something I own that in a way ties me to this city that has welcomed me and my work so well since I came to study Fine Arts, and a gallery was already starting to expose and sell my work with such success. After leaving my lost town in southern Italy and emigrating with my family to Milan, at the age of 20 I began, without knowing it, on a pilgrimage around the world, living where I felt I had to live in each period. At first it was Falmouth and Dundee in the United Kingdom, when I was studying Illustration, then Madrid and Valencia, and later London and Glasgow. There, in that dark city, I realized that I no longer needed to make the effort to find a good studio and commit to spending years before moving to another place. I stopped accumulating objects, I freed myself of possessions and began to travel and paint where I wanted, and then take my canvases to the galleries with whom I collaborate. In 2017 I began to feel like a true nomad, arriving to travel with only two suitcases and a tube for the canvases, where I captured the inspiration found in each place. Perhaps my travels will continue, the traveling instinct is only repressed by the “jokes” of destiny, a global pandemic that has us hostages, but I want Madrid to be the place of departure and return, now that my country, Italy, is even further away. , with the recently bleak farewell to my mother.



The title of this exhibition Nomadic Souls comes a bit from the idea of ​​travel and the free spirit, but it encompasses much more and echoes that emotional charge carried by my characters, which reaches beyond the limits of the body and mind . It is to the soul that I aspire to shape, and to those connections and relationships that bring people closer or farther away that for some reason crossed paths. I aspire to convey those emotions that are reflected in the gaze of my characters, even when their eyes are closed, on top of their partner and they still can't seem to free themselves from their burden. In fact, it is not about painting a resemblance, although I know everyone I paint well, because they are, in general, friends, family or acquaintances, but something that reaches deeper. For example, when I found myself in Madrid locked up by quarantine, I asked on my social networks for volunteers for live portraits by videoconference. People from all over the world volunteered, and it was wonderful to keep traveling without going through any doors. Before drawing them, I spent a good time interviewing them, listening to their stories and taking notes. It is not the same to portray someone knowing their history and noticing their character, than someone with whom only two words of courtesy have been exchanged.


That is the spirit in my painting too, and from there come my stories, the stories that I glimpse in people and that I notice with obsession because in some way they also speak of me, uprooting, the will to live, the awareness of the ephemeral and melancholy.


In these paintings, which contain the inspiration of 2 years of travel, you may not recognize San Francisco, Milan, Lima, Madrid, Valencia or London, but that does not matter, I do not paint cities, my search is in human connections. Those connections, which I establish with myself and with others, which I have inherited from my travels and long stays and I continue to cultivate at a distance with such diverse and special people, are what make up my city, a city that I may never find in physical condition. , because it has actually formed its essence in the soul.




ALCALÁ, 52 28014 Madrid - Calle de Alcalá, 52. 28014 MADRID · Opening times: 10-14 y 16.30-20.