La ciudad vital
15 October - 12 November
The exhibition

Urréjola returns to Ansorena Galería de Arte to present "La ciudad vital", his fifth solo exhibition in Madrid. The title of the exhibition comes from the artist as he analyzes the sensations he experiences in the slow creative process of the works. "Among all the elements of our contemporary world, the city and its vivid bustle provide an incomparable setting for artistic creativity. That which envelops us daily: avenues, buses, traffic lights, signs, people wandering and escaping our domains, can be transformed through an aesthetic order into a singular vision that transcends and shows an emotional feeling of our motley lives." In this way he presents a set of canvases where he depicts Madrid, New York, Paris and London. In these urban landscapes Urréjola's painting finds its essential foundations, his brushstroke has much to do with the Great Spanish Tradition and at the same time he adopts aspects of expressionism and even abstraction, all this is combined in a fusion that finally translates into a very personal figuration.



19 October - 24 November
12 December - 30 January
25 November - 5 January

ALCALÁ, 52 28014 Madrid - Calle de Alcalá, 52. 28014 MADRID · Opening times: 10-14 y 16.30-20.