Patrik Grijalvo
16 July - 26 June
The exhibition
The project "Visual Gravitation" focuses on the relationship between container and content of the different museums and the artistic construction from the photographic reference. The intention is to create a link between the purpose of the container or museum and the content or meaning of the artistic work.  In other words, using the architectural container (Museum) to create artistic content (Work) generated a relationship between architectural representation and presentation of the artistic work, activating tensions between art and architecture, raising transitions between exhibition spaces, providing a transformation between container - content and contributing to exchanges and interactions with the perception of the viewers.

In the relationship between container and content, concepts and questions arise that define the final work, such as: What are the works of art that we can find in museums depending on their architecture? What is the interest of such institution towards the spectator? Is there any architectural differentiation between institutional, commercial or political art museums? What is the future of museums in the long term? What is the relationship between the exhibited works and the Art Market? Is it possible that museums have exceeded the intention of providing spectacularity and tourist attraction and that this leads to the frivolity of their exhibited contents? Are we approaching the end of this generation of museums and entering the next one of open-air museums? What kind of architecture and management will the museums of tomorrow have?

In order to reflect on these relationships, the idea is to start from medium-format analog photography as a working material. In this sense, the first phase is that of locating architectural spaces. The second is that of rehearsal: playing with small pieces creating new volumes and shifting the photographic reference towards a reflection on the architectural form, turning it into a re-elaborated image with an expanded meaning of the built space.

ALCALÁ, 52 28014 Madrid - Calle de Alcalá, 52. 28014 MADRID · Opening times: 10-14 y 16.30-20.