Gary Bukovnik

Flight of Peonies

Bright tulips in a tall vase

Exuberant Gladiola

Blue tulips in a tall vase

A Gift (Amaryllis)

Summer dahlias in a tall vase

Sunflowers in a tall vase


Ecstatic frenzy

Bright Tulips in a tall vase, 2018

Spring Magnolia

Flora´s Dream

Sunflower in a blue vase

Rose Bouquet

Tulips in a Chinese Vase

Small Pink Rose

Summer iris II, 2018

Ecstatic Shanghai I, 2017

Summer iris I, 2018

Summer iris III, 2018

Sunflower in an Ancient Chinese Vase, 2015

Small Sunflowers in a vase, 2018

Ecstatic Shanghai VI, 2017

Ecstatic Shanghai II, 2017

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